Dell - Personal Purchases

Dell - Personal Purchases

The UR Tech Store and DELL have teamed up to offer you the benefit of participating in the Dell University Program. This is great news for you, since the Dell University Program offers award-winning technology, flexible financing options, service and support, and much more...

Click the button below to start shopping DELL's full catalog. Here you can purchase a new DELL PC with up to a 12% discount (The discount is displayed in the cart). In addition, you can purchase additional DELL branded products, as well as choose from thousands of electronics and accessories.

System and non-system items are added to separate carts. You can toggle between these carts on the 'My cart' page. Checking out with multiple carts will require multiple checkouts.

This link allows you to purchase directly from Dell at a discount. These purchases are not eligible for financing through Advantage Federal Credit Union or for pickup at our retail stores.